Is Twitter’s ‘Home’ Icon a Birdhouse?

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is twitter home button a birdhouse?
Image via Benoît Prieur/Wikimedia Commons


The Twitter “Home” icon is designed to look like a birdhouse.

Fact Check

Some realizations come late, as when, for example, parts of the internet recently figured out that the Twitter “Home” icon could actually be a based off a birdhouse. 

This is the Twitter “Home” button at the top of the column:

Here are pictures of birdhouses:

Bird Feeder, Outdoors, Porch
mrmrchaves/Wikimedia Commons
Animal, Bird, Wood
Benoît Prieur/Wikimedia Commons

Birdhouses come in all shapes and sizes, but mainly function as a shelter for birds. Often referred to as “nest boxes,” according to the Audubon Society, they “provide valuable homes for many species of birds and a wonderful opportunity for birdwatchers to enjoy viewing the age-old process of breeding.” 

The button has been referred to as a “birdhouse” for years in the media. In 2017, when discussing Twitter’s redesign, Wired wrote, “The home icon is still a birdhouse, but it lost the perch — you’ll see just one hole instead of two.” In 2021, the New York Times wrote about Twitter’s failed attempt at “Fleet” and described all the icons: “All of the little mixed-metaphor icons — the birdhouse, the magnifying glass, the bell, the envelope, the quill (?) with a plus sign (??) — seemed to be in order.” 

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to us directly that the “Home” icon is actually a birdhouse. We thus rate this claim as “True.” 


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