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Does the FBI Have Evidence That 62 Million Trump Voters Are Russian Agents?

A fake, satirical story originally published by a white supremacist web site has been republished several times as fact.

Published May 18, 2017

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has uncovered evidence that everyone who voted for President Donald Trump is a Russian spy

On 28 March 2017, white supremacist web site the Daily Stormer published a fake, satirical article — purportedly written by the New York Times — which appeared to report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had uncovered evidence that all 62 million Trump voters are "Russian spies":

Anonymous sources within the FBI have revealed to The Times that they have new evidence indicating that everyone who voted for Donald Trump is an agent of the FSB (formerly the KGB). An unknown portion of these voters may have had their minds controlled by a Russian space-beam, agents close to the investigation say.

The allegation that 62 million Americans appear to be employed by Russian intelligence services has rocked the Bureau, and it is reported that multiple agents have taken their own lives, given that realizing just how deep this Russian hacking conspiracy runs blew their minds – literally.

The story is not only entirely fabricated, but also appears to have been intended as satire, mocking some observers who connect new political developments to Russian interference and follow the ongoing investigations into the alleged ties between Russia and the Trump administration.

The story was given a new lease on life when it was republished by the fake news sites Conservative Fighter (on 15 May 2017) and Daily USA Update (on 16 May 2017).  

Dan Mac Guill is a former writer for Snopes.