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President Trump Left Online Reviews for the Middle East?

An article appearing to report that Trump wrote reviews after a brief trip to the region was intended as satire.

Published May 29, 2017

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President Trump left reviews for locations such as Yad Vashem on TripAdvisor during his trip of the Middle East.

In late May 2017, following a trip from President Donald Trump to the A series of screenshots purportedly showing reviews President Trump left on TripAdvisor for various locations in the Middle East:

This, for instance, is the review Trump reportedly left for the "Global Center for Combating Extremism" in Saudi Arabia:

These reviews were not actually written by President Trump. The TripAdvisor reviews originated in an article published by Mashable on 28 May 2017, with a few hints (in addition to the article's outlandish premise and the unbelievable text) that the reviews are not real. For instance, the reviews are introduced with the following brief statement:

Below are his reviews, published here for the very first time.

The article also carries a "humor" tag, showing that it was written in jest, not as a genuine news story.  Although the article is clearly a piece of satire, we searched TripAdvisor to see if we could find any reviews written by Donald Trump and found no reviews about Yad Vashem, the Wailing Wall, or any other landmarks in the Middle East. 


Dockray, Heather.   "President Trump Left TripAdvisor Reviews for the Middle East and Just, Wow."     Mashable.   28 May 2017.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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