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Is this President Trump with a Scantily Clad Woman?

An image purportedly showing President Trump with a stripper has been doctored.

Published Jun 6, 2017

An image shows President Trump partying with a stripper.

A rash of fake images showing President Trump in compromising positions were spread on social media in June 2017. One of those images purportedly showed a younger Trump with a scantily clad woman on his lap:

This is not a genuine photograph of President Trump. 

Although we've yet to uncover who has been making these images, most of these photographs were created with the same simple trick: Placing Trump's head on another person's body. That was the case for this fake photograph of Trump wearing a diaper, and this fake image showing Trump with Liberace, the famous pianist.

Unsurprisingly, that's also how the image of Trump with a the scantily clad woman was created. Here's the original photograph:

We have not been able to identify the man in the original image. However, eBay lists the photo as "Man With Beautiful Stripper Wearing A Bikini On His Lap Color Photo Snapshot."

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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