Trump Sends ‘Unpresidented’ Tweet

An 'unpresidented' spelling error in a tweet sent by President-elect Donald Trump on 17 December 2016 quickly went viral.

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Donald Trump sent a tweet with the word "unprecedented" incorrectly spelled "unpresidented."



At 4:30 in the morning on 17 December 2016, President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to call China’s seizure of a United States drone an “unprecedented” act. Trump, however (or someone posting on his behalf), made an unfortunate typo and instead called the incident “unpresidented“:

trump unpresidented tweet
The tweet was deleted within a few hours and replaced with a message that correctly spelled the word “unprecedented”:

While many Twitter users shared captured screenshots of the “unpresidented” tweet, other viewers were skeptical that it was real. After all, several fake Trump tweets had previously been created and spread as genuine.

In this instance, however, the viral tweet was real.

Trump’s “unpresidented” tweet was retweeted by thousands of people before it was deleted. While the URL currently leads to a page that reads “Sorry, that page does not exist!,” a cached version of the message is still available via Google. The tweet was also archived via

trump archive

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