Teenager Beaten by Anti-Trump Protester

An image purporting to show a young woman who was beaten by people protesting a Donald Trump rally is actually a still from a Mexican telenovela.

Image via Instagram


An image shows a young woman who was beaten up by anti-Trump demonstrators at a rally in San Jose.




On 2 June 2016, heated and sometimes violent demonstrations rocked San Jose, California as supporters and opponents of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump clashed during his appearance there.  Not long afterward, an image purporting to show a young woman who was beaten up by anti-Trump protesters started circulating on social media:

What if this was your daughter?
Not a word from San Jose Mayor
not a word from Obama
not a word from Hillary
not a word from Bernie

The only word was from Trump Condemning this, the San Jose Mayor justified the beatings and the police watched on and did nothing.
If we don’t Vote Trump in this Country will be a 3rd world Hellhole

The reason that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, President Obama, and San Jose’s mayor have not commented on the image displayed above is that this photograph was not taken at a Trump rally in San Jose in June 2016. This is a screenshot from an episode of La Rosa de Guadalupe, a Mexican drama series:

As mentioned, the rally was marred by violent incidents, including protesters throwing eggs and bottles at Trump supporters; however, this was not one of the victims of violence, but instead an actress portraying a character in a telenovela.

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