Did President Trump Insult Navajos on Twitter?

President Trump neither made nor deleted disparaging remarks about Navajo native Americans via Twitter.

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President Trump disparaged Navajos on Twitter on 20 January 2017.

Is Trump really saying negative things on the Navajo Nation?
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Shortly after the inauguration of President Donald Trump on 20 January 2017, a screenshot of two tweets purportedly issued by the new president on that day were circulated online, respectively reading:

Tribal Sovereignty is for SUCKERS and LOSERS unless youre american. #MAGA #MeetingNavajos

Maybe we can pay Navajo muralists to paint my wall. #MeetingNavajos

Twitter’s advanced search tool returns no results for either tweet, and Politwoops‘ archive of deleted tweets had no record of President Trump’s making any such statement on Twitter on 20 January 2017, or at any other time.

The screenshot was one of several fabricated tweets attributed to Donald Trump both prior to and following his inauguration, including an alleged statement about mandatory drug testing for recipients of public assistance as well as purported New Year’s Eve regrets about being elected President.

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