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Does Donald Trump Have a Statue of Himself in Mar-a-Lago Office?

A photo of the 45th president's Florida office shared by former aide Stephen Miller on Twitter contains a panoply of curious Trumpian trinkets.

Published Apr 7, 2021

 (Twitter / @StephenM)
Image Via Twitter / @StephenM
Donald Trump has a statue of himself in his Mar-a-Lago office.

On April 5, 2021, former aide to U.S. President Trump Stephen Miller shared a photo on Twitter of the two in Trump's post-presidency, Mar-a-Lago office. As numerous publications and social media users have pointed out, one of the many items seen in the photo is a statue of Trump himself:

Indeed, it is hard to come to the conclusion that the statue partially hiding behind Miller's right arm is anything other than a figurine or small statue of Trump:

According to Politico, which analyzed several of the items contained in the former president's office, nobody they spoke to was sure where exactly the statue came from:

No sources knew the provenance of this mini-bust of Trump, and a Trump spokesperson didn’t share any details about it when asked about it. A former senior White House official said it was “most likely a gift that was sent in. We’d get tons of those — paintings, statues, etc.”

Because the statue is present in his office in Mar-a-Lago, we rate this claim as "True."

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