Is This ‘Trump Made America the Best Country in the Nation’ Sign Real?

An image purportedly showing a logically challenged sign in support of President Trump is actually a digital creation.


A photograph shows a sign reading "Trump Made America the Best Country in the Nation."



An image purportedly showing a sign reading “Trump Made America the Best Country in the Nation” (while a smashed-up automobile lingers in the background) is frequently circulated online along with disparaging remarks about the perceived foolishness of the president’s most ardent supporters:

This image, however, has been digitally manipulated. The original version of this sign read “America is the Best Country in the Nation,” and at some point the words “Trump Made” were added to the first line, the word “is” was removed, and the “the” in the second line was moved to the center of the line.

Here’s a higher resolution version of the original sign (center) as well as two other photographs of the sign taken from different angles:

We haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly where this sign was located, but images of the original have been in circulation since at least June 2016 (before Donald Trump took office).

Furthermore, remnants of the original sign can still be seen upon a closer inspection of the viral image. Whoever created this sign digitally copied some of the existing letters and pasted them into new positions, but as the letters were copied and pasted from one place to another, portions of adjacent letters, as well as the separating lines of the sign, were also moved.

This can most clearly be seen in the “TR” of “Trump” which was taken from the “TR” in “Country”:

We also found several other mistakes. Partial letters can be spotted between the “R” and “U,” the “U” and “M”, and the “M” and “P” in Trump; the “U” in “Trump” was taken from the “U” in “Country” (remnants of “O” precede the “U”); and the “P” in “Trump” was taken from the “B” in “Best” with the bottom curve of the “B” removed.

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