Did a Little Girl Call President Trump a ‘Disgrace to the World’?

A clip from a comedy show was shared as if it showed a genuine incident between President Trump and a little girl.


A video shows a little girl calling President Trump 'a disgrace to the world.'



A short clip purportedly showing a young girl calling President Trump a “disgrace to the world” racked up more than 175,000 retweets after it was posted by @Najahta to Twitter on 7 May 2017:

Many people shared and responded to this video as if it depicted a genuine incident between the President of the United States and a young girl:

However, the interaction actually comes from “The President’s Show,” a Comedy Central series starring actor Anthony Atamanuik as President Trump. The scene comes at the 1:30 mark of the following video:

Atamanuik claimed on Twitter that the moment was genuine and unscripted:

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