Donald Trump Described the Electoral College as a ‘Disaster’ in 2012

In 2012, Donald Trump tweeted that the electoral college system was a 'disaster for a democracy.'

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Trump blasted the electoral college in 2012.


After the results of the 8 November 2016 made it clear Republican candidate Donald Trump had become president-elect of the United States, many disappointed citizens criticized the American electoral college system for selecting presidents that does not guarantee victory to the candidate who receives the most votes. Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, narrowly won the popular vote count but lost the race under the electoral college system.

It is an ironic twist then that in 2012, when Republican candidate Mitt Romney lost to President Barack Obama, Trump lashed out about the electoral college system, even though Obama had won both the popular vote and the electoral college totals:

The electoral college system last sparked similar controversy in 2000, when George W. Bush was elected president without winning the popular vote.