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Did Donald Trump Say Black People Should Go Back to Africa If They're Not Satisfied with America?

Published July 2, 2015

Updated Dec. 6, 2019
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Donald Trump said that if black people don't like it in America, they should go back to Africa.

On 29 June 2015, the junk news website Love That News (a rebranding of the NAHA Daily fake news site) published an article reporting that controversial business magnate and 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said that blacks should go back to Africa if they feel that "black lives don't matter" in America:

"Donald Trump: “If Black Lives Don’t Matter Here Go Back to Africa

"If I don’t like the food the waitress brings me I send it back to the kitchen. And I go eat somewhere else” Said Donald Trump attempting to clarify the idiotic statement he made moments ago.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has put his foot in his mouth two times first his rape statements about Mexicans and secondly his thoughts on the recent uproar in white on black crimes going unsolved.

Although several brands dropped their business associations with Trump in June 2015 after he made controversial race-related pronouncements, the above-displayed quote was not uttered by him. Love That News is a fake news site whose disclaimer notes that their articles are "satire news":

Number one in highly shareable social news. This website is 100% satire news.


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