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Did a Truck Crash Spill Sex Toys on I-40 in Oklahoma City?

According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a messy crash involving a semi-truck and a box truck occurred on the morning of Sept. 14, 2022.

Published Sep 16, 2022

 (KWTV SkyNews 9)
Image Via KWTV SkyNews 9
A semi-truck spilled sex toys on a highway in Oklahoma City after rolling over from a crash with a box truck.

On Sept. 14, 2022, KWTV News 9 helicopter pilot Jim Gardner reported from the air about a crash involving a semi-truck and a box truck. Gardner said the incident ended with no injuries and occurred on the eastbound route of interstate 40 near an on-ramp in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. According to reports, the tractor-trailer truck spilled adult products that appeared to be sex toys such as dildos or vibrators, as well as liquid items, possibly lubricant, all over the road when it overturned. Here's what we found in our research.

First, Oklahoma Highway Patrol tweeted about the crash on the morning that it happened. However, the tweet did not say what kinds of products were strewn all over the road:

TheLostOgle.com was first to report that the semi-truck was carrying sex toys, claiming that it had "spilled a load of dildos and lube." The blog reposted coverage from the SkyNews 9 helicopter:

We did some digging around and confirmed with Oklahoma Highway Safety that the semi-truck belonged to HDR Transport out of Garden Grove, California. By phone, the company only confirmed to us that the truck was carrying a product that functioned as "a liquid to clean the sex toys." However, they said they didn't have any further information on other products that were being transported.

However, Vice.com's Jason Koebler reported that he and Motherboard executive editor Emanuel Maiberg were able to track down what they believed to be one of the products that was visible from Gardner's helicopter shot. Several containers strewn all over the road appeared to show the front and back sides of several boxes of a product called Adam & Eve G-Spot Touch Finger Vibe.

The Vice story cited pictures of the vibrator's white box from a review on the Kinky Vibes YouTube channel. The picture of the front of the box and the three photos on the back appeared to match the pink-colored product on the packaging seen in the SkyNews 9 helicopter shot:

Courtesy: Kinky Vibes/YouTube and KWTV SkyNews 9

In sum, it's true that sex toys and accessories including vibrators and cleaning liquids, as well as possibly dildos and lubricant, spilled out of a semi-truck during a rollover crash in Oklahoma City.


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