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Mistranslated Toy Frog Instructions

Text of the infamous 'Tounge of Frog.'

Published July 30, 1999


Claim:   The following are the instructions enclosed with the novelty toy TOUNGE OF FROG, manufactured in Taiwan.

Status:   True.

Origins:   Products manufactured in Asia often include instructions in somewhat fractured English. The "Tounge of Frog" is no exception.

Frog tongue package

Frog. If it is thrown with full of your strenght, it will spit out the tounge, which is like the genuine one from the frog.


  • A product has the stickness and is just like a soft rubber band with high contractility.

    It can be played to stick the remote objects.

  • Inspite of it is sticky, it is never like the chewing guns which is glued tightly and cannot be separated.
  • If the stickness is not good enough, it can be washed by soap. After it is dried, it cab be used continously many times.
  • The packing paper has printed the bug picture, which can be cut as per the black frame and placed on the table; then you can stick the picture with your tounge of frog.
  • The key point for throwing far away is the same as the throwing of fish rod, i.e. to throw out slowly with full of your strength. Separate it with two hands, then release one hand, throw it with full of your strength.
  • No matter what you make a round ball, it will recover the original shape.


  • Never throw out the other person's head.
  • Keep away from fire.
  • Inspite of it is non-toxic, it cannot be eaten.
  • Never pull out tounge of frog hard, as it might be separated.
  • Its content has the oil, so if it touches on cloth, precious object or wall, the stains will remain if you don't care about it.
  • Never put on surface of any object, shall keep in polybag.

Frog Tongue instructions

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