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Is This a Photograph of Tom Hanks Wearing an Anti-Trump T-Shirt?

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Published Oct. 10, 2018

 (Wikimedia Commons)
Image Via Wikimedia Commons

Digitally adding political messages onto the shirts of celebrities is one of the most common forms of image fakery, and an example from September 2018 was no exception. In that case, actor Tom Hanks was ostensibly pictured wearing an anti-Trump t-shirt bearing the seasonal statement "I was going to be a Trump voter for Halloween but my head wouldn't fit up my ass":

Just as with a previous case of shirt manipulation involving the popular actor, what Hanks was actually wearing when he was photographed was rather innocuous -- in fact, about as innocuous as could be:

If we're supposed to be taking political cues from thespians' garb, then Tom Hanks is apparently as apolitical as they come.

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