Are These Real Photos of Tom Hanks at a Diner?

"Can you imagine finding these on your phone after a drunken night out?"

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Photographs show actor Tom Hanks posing with a drunk, passed-out customer in a diner.


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Photographs of actor Tom Hanks posing with an apparently drunken customer he encountered in a diner were originally popularized by a reddit discussion thread back in August 2012:

Memo to self:

Be Tom Hanks

This pic is hilarious already, but here is the back story:

The fella in the white doesn’t know Tom hanks, never met never will

Tom was sitting at the bar with his friend having a few beers, when he noticed this guy passed out, he went over to see if he was ok noticed the guy’s mobile phone was on the table shot off a few pics and left the guy passed out and put the phone in the guys pocket

Seriously can you imagine finding this on your phone after a drunken night out ???

However, the original reddit post suggested that (contrary to the example text reproduced above) the other party in the pictures was not a passed-out drunk who was unaware that Hanks was snapping photographs of him with his cell phone, but rather a fan who ran into Hanks at a restaurant and deliberately pretended to be drunk while posing for some amusing snapshots with a compliant celebrity.