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TNT Car Club Gang Initiation

Are members of the TNT Car Club running over motorcycle riders as part of a gang initiation?

Published Oct 3, 2012

Claim:   Members of the TNT Car Club are running over motorcycle riders as part of a gang initiation.


Examples:   [Collected via e-mail, October 2012]

Motorcyclists are being targeted. Ensure all your riders get this in formation. Apparently it's something new and they are still looking into it. No official releases yet. Bikers have already been hit due to this initiation. They suspect that it is the TNT custom car club.

The TNT Car Club Fayetteville hitting motorcycle riders as part of a Gang initiation.

The indicators are cars with multiple young occupants, usually at night targeting single or small groups of riders, trying to run them over or off the road as an urban gang initiation. Recommend riding in groups, being aware of your surroundings and avoiding suspicious vehicles.

NEW INFO........

As per conversation this morning. TNT car club has been spotted on Rancier with TNT logo on back windshield and a Light Blue Charger Dodge Charger coming off Ft. Hood with the same logo. Be careful and put the word out to your clubs and pass it on the Independents. I will get in the contact with the car clubs.

I live and work near Fort Hood Texas. I work at a motorcycle dealership and I ride a Harley. Four times in the past twenty four hours I have heard about a car club called TNT. Supposedly prospects and/or members of this club target people on motorcycles and run them off the road on purpose. I heard that they box bikers in with their cars which bear a sticker that says TNT or is a picture of two sticks of dynamite. Also, they get special treatment if they kill the biker. I have also heard that they will target women in vehicles. At present there are two listings on Killeen Craigslist warning bikers of this club. You can find them by doing a search on Killeen Craigslist for TNT. Thanks for your help.


Origins:   Research in progress.

Last updated:   3 October 2012

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