Taco Cabana Sign Banning Trump Supporters Was a Prank

A sign banning Donald Trump supporters was put up at a Taco Cabana restaurant, but this is not an official restaurant policy.

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Taco Cabana Restaurants have banned Donald Trump supporters
This is making the rounds. Taco Cabana is a Mexican restaurant chain in Texas. Seems too incendiary. What do you think? taco cabano
Collected via e-mail, March 2016



In March 2016, a photograph purportedly showing a sign informing customers that supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would not be served at Taco Cabana restaurants began circulating online. Although the image did reflect a sign found at one such restaurant, that sign did not express an official policy of the Taco Cabana restaurant chain. According to Taco Cabana CEO Todd Coerver, the sign was created and posted by someone attempting to prank San Antonio-area restaurants:

twitter taco cabano

Similar signs have been posted at other Mexican restaurants in the San Antonio area as well:

taco sign

On 13 March 2016, Mama Margie’s took to Facebook to assure its customers that one such sign referencing them was part of a larger prank:

mama marge facebook

Susan O’Brien, who co-owns Mama Margie’s told San Antonio news media that the above-displayed sign was not put up by anyone associated with the restaurant. O’Brien also reiterated that everyone was welcome to at their restaurant regardless of political affiliation:

“We do know that it was not a Mama Margie’s employee or management,” (O’Brien) said. “We have video of the person that came onto our premises, kind of looked around and posted the letter, so we’re looking at our options.”

“We want everybody to come eat tacos and come drink a margarita and celebrate whatever political view they have.”