Is Stouffer’s Making Mac-and-Cheese Lasagna?

"LasagnaMac" was announced to the world, appropriately, on 4/20.

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picture of lasagnamac
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Stouffer's is making macaroni-and-cheese lasagna.


Stouffer’s took advantage of the pot smoker’s informal holiday on April 20, 2021, to announce an extremely 4/20-friendly addition to grocery store freezer sections: a cross between lasagna and macaroni and cheese in one cheesy, noodley, saucy tray of (surely) high-calorie indulgence: the LasagnaMac.

The product is real, or it is at least really planned for production by Stouffer’s, and as the post above says, it should be making its real-world debut sometime in the summer of 2021.

LasagnaMac is just one unexpected food combination to get widespread attention. In March 2021, a California man went viral when he claimed to have found shrimp tails in his box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. In April 2021, readers asked about posts stating that people in Sweden enjoy bananas as a pizza topping. And weird Oreo flavors are somewhat frequent internet hoaxes, although sometimes the flavors are real.