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FALSE: Steven Seagal Dead at 63

Rumor: Steven Seagal has died of a heart attack at age 63.

Published Aug 29, 2015


Claim:   Steven Seagal died of a heart attack at age 63 in August 2015.


Example:   [Collected via email, August 2015]

Did Steven Seagal die of a massive heart attack?


Origins:   In August 2015, a fake news story claiming action star Steven Seagal had passed away from a "massive heart attack" started circulating online.

The reports of Seagal's death are nothing but another celebrity death hoax, however. The actor is alive and well, just having undertaken a trip to Russia and having signed on to star in the action thriller End of a Gun.

Steven Seagal has been killed off multiple times in the land of hoaxes, most prominently via a fake "R.I.P. Steven Seagal" Facebook page established in May 2013.

David Mikkelson founded the site now known as snopes.com back in 1994.

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