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FALSE: Steven Avery, 53, Found Unresponsive in His Prison Cell

Fake news reports that the subject of the Netflix documentary 'Making a Murderer' has suffered a severe medical setback.

Published Jan 31, 2016

'Making a Murderer' subject Steven Avery was found unresponsive in his prison cell.

On 30 January 2016, United Media Publishing posted an article reporting that Steven Avery, who was released after serving 18 years in prison for a wrongful sexual assault conviction (but was subsequently re-convicted on murder charges), and whose case was recently the focus of the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer, had been found unresponsive in his prison cell:

According to Waupun Correctional Facility representatives, Avery was found unresponsive in his prison cell at approximately 4:30 AM during his cell block's daily wake-up call. Correctional officers attempted to communicate with Avery, however according to one of the on-scene officers, "He (Avery) just wouldn't respond, it was pretty obvious to all that were on-scene that the lights were off and nobody was home".

The news is disheartening to Avery's thousands of new-found supporters on the tail of the recent 10 episode Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer. Many supporters that are hopeful Avery would live to see the outside of the Waupun Correctional Facility have taken to social media with an out-pour of support for the Avery family.

There was no truth to this report, however. United Media Publishing is a clickbait fake news site that fabricates headlines and stories to generate traffic and advertising revenues. Steven Avery is still alive, conscious, and pursuing an appeal of his murder conviction.

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