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Did Stan Lee Fire Jennifer Lawrence for Comments About Trump?

Stan Lee did not fire Jennifer Lawrence from a film over comments she purportedly made about President Trump.

Published Sept. 12, 2017

Stan Lee fired Jennifer Lawrence from an upcoming film due to his belief she disrespected President Trump.

After actress Jennifer Lawrence's comments on hurricanes and climate change were misconstrued by commentators and clickbait web sites in September 2017, the "satire" web site Our Land of the Free followed up with a page claiming the falsely represented comments had earned her a stinging reproach from Stan Lee:

After stupid liberal Jennifer Lawrence made a fool of herself by blaming Hurricane Irma on junk science and Trump supporters, she found out just how “influential” she actually is. She came home from Paris this morning to the news from Universal Worldwide that she will NOT be returning as the beautiful blue “Mystique” in the next chapter of X-Men movies.

Lawrence, a notorious crybaby, is said to have broken down when she heard that the decision came from Stan Lee himself, the mastermind behind the Marvel Universe. Lee told TMZ:

“That young lady needs to learn some respect. Even if you don’t agree with Trump, you still have to respect him and treat him like he’s the President. He called and asked me to fire her, so I fired her. Done.”

The article refers to comments Lawrence made to a British television station in which she said that human activity had caused global warming, and that hurricanes felt like "nature's wrath." She also, without referring to Donald Trump by name, said "the only voice we have is through voting." Several outlets drummed up a nontroversy by claiming she had linked the hurricanes to Trump.

Stan Lee did not fire Jennifer Lawrence. A disclaimer notice on Our Land of the Free's About page warned readers that its content is “fake news“ (and the URL not-so-subtly stated "stan-lee-hates-you-idiots"):

Ourlandofthefree.com makes no guarantee that anything you find here will be based at all in reality. All posts should be considered satirical and all images photoshopped to look like something they’re not.

We believe in the right to be free. No matter what, the freedom to do what we want, say what we want and publish what we want comes first.

Therefore we make no guarantee that what you read here is true. In fact, it most definitely is not.

Our Land Of The Free is here to entertain you with the kind of whimsical satire conservatives enjoy.

The Jennifer Lawrence page was the second in days from Our Land of the Free using real-life events for the basis of outrage-bait. A similar embellishment spread by the site involved a letter President Obama left for President Trump when he took office.

Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.