Southern Baptist Convention Buys Chick fil-A

A story claiming that the Southern Baptist Convention purchased the fast food chain was posted by a satire site.


The Southern Baptist Convention purchased fast food chain Chick fil-A.

Did the Southern Baptist Convention purchase Chic-Fil-A for 5.5 billion and are they opening on Sundays?



On 9 December 2016, The Babylon Bee posted a story reporting that the Southern Baptist Convention had purchased the fast food chain Chick fil-A:

Speaking to SBC church leaders and pastors, president Steve Gaines stated that the move is a combination of a desire to offer quality food to its member churches and a need to reach out to communities for the sake of Christ.

“The first thing we’re going to do is expand Chick-fil-A’s hours to include Sundays, so our church members can find their Sabbath rest in the embrace of a warm, moist chicken sandwich each week,” Gaines said.

While Chick fil-A has made no secret of the fact it operates as a Christian business, there is no indication that the corporation has been or will be purchased by the religious organization. The story appears to be completely fabricated. The Bee describes itself as “Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.”

  • The Babylon Bee. “Southern Baptist Convention Purchases Chick-Fil-A For $5.5 Billion.”
      9 December 2016.

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