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Is This Snoop Dogg in an Easter Bunny Costume?

A basket of marijuana is not the usual springtime fare dispensed to children at Easter.

Published Mar 28, 2016

A photograph shows musician Snoop Dogg in an Easter Bunny costume.

A photograph purportedly showing musician Snoop Dogg in an Easter Bunny costume carrying a basket full of marijuana (rather than the more traditional cache of eggs) has been circulating online several years, typically reappearing in social media every year around Easter. The image received a boost in popularity (and faux credibility) when the musician posted it to his Instagram account in 2014:

snoop border

Although this photograph is frequently shared as a genuine one, this image has clearly been manipulated. The original picture from which it was created featured neither Snoop Dogg nor a basket of marijuana:

first easter bunny

A second image of the same costume in the same locale confirms that the person pictured inside the Easter Bunny suit was originally someone other than Snoop Dogg:

second easter bunny

In addition to the presence of the source images, skeptical viewers could have discerned that the Snoop Dogg photograph was fake by taking a closer look at the "bunny's" hands as seen in the Instagram version. When the prankster added Snoop Dogg's face to the original photograph, he neglected to change the skin tone of Snoop Dogg's hands:

snoop hands

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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