Snakes as Weapons

Have snakes been used as hold up weapons?

Claim:   Snakes have been used as hold-up weapons.


Origins:   And more often than you might think too. Here’s one such

incident from 1998:

INDIA – Muggers with snakes are terrorising women in central New Delhi, a newspaper reported today. In the latest incident three men with snakes draped over their necks and arms surrounded a three-wheeled taxi and started thrusting the snakes toward the passenger. The passenger handed over money and jewellery and the trio ran away. Police say the same men have attacked several other women.

And another from 1994:

Two people taking a late night stroll in Camden, New Jersey were robbed at snakepoint. A car pulled up near the couple and two men got out, shoving a black snake in their faces. Then two other men got out and went through the victims’ pockets. Police said the robbers made off with $20 in cash, a $30 personal stereo and a $95 watch.

“Robbed at snakepoint” — yeah, I like that line.

Barbara “this is a slither-up!” Mikkelson

Last updated:   11 August 2011


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