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Shyanne Josephine Godron-Wood

Is Shyanne Josephine Godron-Wood missing?

Published Sep 13, 2000

Claim:   Shyanne Josephine Godron-Wood of Henderson, Nevada is missing.

Status:   Not any more.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2000]

My Daughter is missing!

Last seen June 9, 2000, at 11:30am in Henderson, Nevada with Joseph Michael Wood a white male at approximately 6'0" and weights185. He is 38 years old but appears to look only about 25-28 years old. He has a shaved head, has green eyes and a dark brown/black goatee, (it is possible that he may have shaved his goatee) he usually wears a baseball cap or cowboy hat. He has a tattoo on each of his calf's, the one on his left leg is of Captain Morgan and the right leg is of a little Mexican man. He drives a 1989 White Pontiac Bonneville with New York license plate number Z516JD. His occupation usually consists of Bartending or Sales. He frequently hangs out at a Gym. He has a serious medical condition and gets very dizzy and delusional, I fear he may black out and endanger my child.

Shyanne Josephine Godron-Wood is only 1 year old, she has short blonde curly hair and blue eyes. She is about 20" tall and weights about 20 pounds she was last seen wearing a Purple Jumper with Flowers on the collar and light blue jelly sandals. We believe they are headed towards Greenville, North Carolina or Ithaca, New York or even Southern California near Ventura or Santa Barbara. If you see them Please do not hesitate to call the Henderson Nevada Police at 702-565-8933 or Child Seekers at 702-458-7009. Any Help in trying to return my daughter home safely will be greatly appreciated!

Please E-mail this to all your friends and associates so everyone can keep their eyes open for this man and my daughter!


Origins:   Another case of the message outliving the circumstances that generated it. Shyanne Josephine Godron-Wood was reported missing, but her name and picture have been dropped from sites that carry information about missing children, and the Henderson Police Department confirmed for us that she has indeed been found. (We don't know the circumstances of her disappearance or her return, but she is definitely no longer missing.)

Last updated:   29 October 2007


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