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Shawn Vernon Appeal to Find Lost Shirts

A Marine named Shawn Vernon seeks help in locating a box of lost shirts.

Published Jul 7, 2014

Claim:   A Marine named Shawn Vernon seeks help in locating a box of lost shirts.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, June 2014]

I'm just sharing this for Shawn Vernon.


I am traveling from fort leonard wood Missouri to Fort Worth texas a box fell off my truck somewhere on the 44 west or on 69 south with shirts I have collected over the last 17 years in the Marine Corps. From all around the world. If you can please share this maybe it will reach someone who finds them on the side of the highway. I will pay a reward if needed. They aren't worth anything to anyone but me. If found please contact Shawn email me at sv136913@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook


Origins:   This appeal from a U.S. Marine named Shawn Vernon for help in locating a collection of shirts he lost when a box fell off his truck somewhere between Missouri and Oklahoma hit social media in July 2014. According to Missouri television station KOMU, the message is a genuine one, although the shirts were lost a few months before the appeal for help in finding them went viral:

A U.S. Marine based at Fort Leonard Wood has lost shirts he collected while serving around the globe.

Staff Sergeant Shawn Vernon collected shirts from 24 countries over 17 years of service in the Marines.

"I collected them all, and I'm getting ready to retire this year," Vernon said. "I was starting to move stuff back to Texas, and in the course of that move, that's the one box that fell off the back of the truck."

The Purple Heart recipient said he realized the shirts were missing in Oklahoma, so they could have fallen off anywhere between Fort Leonard Wood

and Durant, Oklahoma. He posted about the missing shirts on Facebook, and says the post has gone viral. He also contacted Oklahoma Department of Public Safety asking for help. He says he has no viable leads so far.

"I've had a few that are more or less just fishing attempts of people trying to get me to send them money," Vernon said. "I offered a reward because they're really irreplaceable."

Vernon has been searching for almost two months and still hopes to find the shirts.

"It would mean a lot to me because then whenever I'm retired, I can wear those and kind of sow where I've been and the tings that I've done throughout my career in the Marine Corps," Vernon said.

Additional information:

    Interview with Shawn Vernon Interview with Shawn Vernon   (KOMU-TV)

Last updated:   7 July 2014


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