Streakers’ Car Stolen

Did three streakers have their car stolen while they were running through a restaurant?

Claim:   Three streakers had their car stolen while they were running nude through a restaurant.


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the world of criminality it is often true the best laid schemes can unravel in the most embarrassing ways. This was one such case.

Just before daybreak on 14 January 2004, three men clad in only shoes and hats entered a Denny’s restaurant in Spokane, Washington. The trio of streakers had left their 1988 Mazda running in the frigid parking lot for a quick escape, which turned out to be a mistake. As they were sprinting nude through the 24-hour eatery, one of the restaurant’s patrons left the group he was dining with and made off with the waiting car. (The car thief’s companions departed at about the same time in another vehicle.)

The streakers looked out during their high-spirited dash to see their Mazda — which contained their clothes — driving away. They gave pursuit, charging into the chill of the 20°F weather in their birthday suits.

They were unsuccessful in gaining back their car. The naked young men huddled behind vehicles in an adjacent parking lot until police arrived to claim them.

No charges were brought against the intrepid threesome.

Barbara “chilly willy” Mikkelson

Last updated:   26 July 2011


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