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Published Jul 8, 2007


Here we offer a list of some of the humorous and interesting terms entered into our search engine by net surfers. As unusual as some of our tales may be, there are obviously some even stranger ones out there:

"naked disney"

Sorry, but we're not sharing our pictures of Uncle Walt.

"promiscuous women"

Alright, we'll share if you will.

"salty semen"

Jolly rogers, all.

"coffee nude"

That's enough to make a morning person out of Barbara!

"horse intercourse"

Paging Dr. Dolittle . . .

"request for death certificate"

Okay, but then we'll have to kill you.

"pictures of my naked girlfriend"

If you don't have any . . .

"seduce wife"

It's on our 'to-do' list.

"chloroform-soaked rag"

Perhaps you're not familiar with the meaning of 'seduce'?

"take off your dress"

Now you've got it!

"she unzipped my pants"


"knocked her unconscious"

No, no, no . . .

"revenge husband"

Ah, so that's your game.

"Polly's penis page"

Barbara! Would you please keep that $%#*! parrot away from the PC?

"how to have sex"

In six easy lessons.


We've found that search engines don't work any better when you shout at them.

"nude secretaries"

Where do they keep their pens?

"operation with no scalpal johnny carson"

For his sake, we hope it wasn't 'no anesthetic' as well.

"Marilyn Manson removed his ribs so he could suck his own dick"

And without a scalpel, too.

"sex complimentary"

Ooh, baby, you're the best.

Last updated:   8 July 2007

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