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Is This a Real 'Sea Roach'?

A video purportedly showing a sea roach actually shows an animatronic sea mite from the movie "Pacific Rim."

Published Apr 22, 2017

A video shows a real sea roach.

A video of a strange, large insect-like creature occasionally appears on the Internet, along with the claim that it shows a creature bearing the evocative name "sea roach":

Although there is a real animal nicknamed the sea roach, a marine woodlouse also called a "sea slater", the creature pictured in this video is not one. This is actually a video of an animatronic creature that was created by the visual effects studio Spectral Motion for the 2013 movie Pacific Rim. Spectral Motion released a video showing the creation these parasitic creatures called "skinmites" which lived on the back of the Kaiju:

As for today, let's look at a video detailing their animatronic Kaiju parasites used in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. They are also referred to as Skinmites, and I guess, Rollie Pollies? Reminder for those that forgot, these are the creatures that live on the Kaiju, much like a Remora fish does with a shark.

Here's a comparison of the "sea roach" and the Kaiju Skinmite:

One reason that this video may have fooled viewers is that the Kaiju Skinmite bears a passing resemblance to a real deep sea creature: The giant isopod. Another (real) image of a giant isopod was circulated earlier this year along with the claim that it showed a fictional creature called a Georgia Speekle.


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Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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