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Did the BBC Institute a ‘Far Right Questionnaire’ for New Recruits?

One part of this supposed questionnaire asked if a baby should “have a mum and a dad.”

Published Apr 27, 2023

 (Screenshot via Twitter/The Upper Lip)
Image Via Screenshot via Twitter/The Upper Lip
The BBC implemented a new far-right questionnaire intended to weed out new recruits who may not hold views similar to the progressive values of the news organization.

On April 27, 2023, an article with the headline "BBC To Introduce New 'Far Right Questionnaire' For All New Recruits" was published on The Upper Lip and spread widely online. The article claimed that the BBC was planning to use such a questionnaire to weed out new recruits who did not align with their so-called "progressive" values. 

According to the article, the questionnaire had questions like "Do you believe in controlling borders?" and "Let's keep LGBT and race activists out of school?" 

This article was a work of satire and originated on a website that describes itself as "a satirical news site based in the UK with an aim to lighten public discourse – something desperately needed today. We believe humour is healthy for the soul." 

The article went on to state:

The announcement has already sparked outrage among many on the right, who feel that the BBC is once again overstepping its boundaries and attempting to silence dissenting voices.

"It's absolutely ridiculous," said one Conservative MP. "The BBC is supposed to be a neutral broadcaster, not a propaganda machine for the left. This is just another attempt to stifle free speech and silence anyone who doesn't toe the line."

Given that it was posted on a website that describes itself as satirical in nature, we rate this claim as "Labeled Satire."


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