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Sasha Grey Dead?

Rumor: Porn star Sasha Grey was killed by Ukranian military forces.

Published Feb 20, 2015

Claim:   Porn star Sasha Grey was killed by Ukranian military forces.


Example:   [Collected via twitter, February 2015]


Origins:   A bizarre rumor started circulating on the Internet in February 2015 that porn star Sasha Grey had been killed by Ukrainian military forces.

The rumor began when a photograph of Sasha Grey was posted to the web site Dvach, the European equivalent of 4chan, along with a fictional story about the actress' being captured by the Ukrainian ilitary while working as a nurse in Russia:

Nurse Alexandra Serova has died. This seemingly fragile but strong woman was getting wounded fighters out from battlefield. People was telling stories of her getting even mortally wounded people back to their feet. But she did no return from battle. She was caught by ukrainian executors. They've started from bullying her and recording videos of it for upload and then killed her with an axe. May she be safe in heaven.

"Alexandra Serova" is a direct translation of Sasha Grey to Russian.

There is no truth to this rumor. Sasha Grey was not working as a nurse in Russia, she was not captured by Ukrainian forces, and she was not chopped up with an axe:

While Dvach has created fictitious memes with other celebrities in the past, Sasha Grey may have been singled out because of a tweet she sent in December 2013 telling Kiev protesters to "stay strong":

Last updated:   20 February 2015

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