Bernie Sanders Wants to ‘Dethrone God’ and Destroy Capitalism?

A fake image purportedly showing a tweet from Senator Bernie Sanders claims that the senator wants to "dethrone God."

  • Published 2 February 2016
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Senator Bernie Sanders wrote on Twitter that he wanted to destroy capitalism and "dethrone God."

There is a Facebook post circulating that claims it is a tweet from "Bernie Sanders@SenSanders." The tweet says "My goal is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism. True?

Collected via Email, February 2016


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On 31 January 2016, the Facebook group “Tea Party Standup” posted a fake photo purportedly showing a screenshot from Bernie Sanders’ Twitter account:

bernie sanders

There is no record of this tweet appearing on Sanders’ Twitter timeline.

The above-displayed photo first started circulating in August 2015 and was most likely created by John Trulli, a Facebook user who frequently posts memes and fabricated tweets to his page. On 10 August 2015, Trulli shared the above-displayed image and a few days later he admitted that it was fake:


It should also be noted that the quote, “It is my objective in life to dethrone God and destroy capitalism,” is frequently attributed to Karl Marx.