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Was 'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Seriously Injured in a Car Accident?

Duck Lie-nasty.

Published Sep 18, 2015

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson was horribly injured in a car accident in September 2015.

In mid-September 2015, a number of disreputable, click-baiting web sites published items with misleading headlines such as "BREAKING: Sadie Robertson in Horrible Accident — Please Pray"; and "Sadie Robertson Shared Horrible News — She Needs Our Prayers!" Those alarming headlines understandably led many fans to believe Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson had been seriously injured in a terrible automobile wreck, and an unofficial Facebook fan page for Sadie Robertson was soon flooded with anxious posts from followers who feared the young woman had been gravely injured and was clinging to life.

None of these items about Robertson's car accident linked to any news accounts or information from the Robertson clan to substantiate the traffic-driving alarm that subsequently spread on social media sites. However, all of them tacked on a link to a 15 September 2015 Instagram post published by Robertson herself which revealed that her "horrible car accident" had resulted in no injuries to her more serious than a swollen knee and a sore neck:

current mood. but thankful I'm okay - got into a car accident this morning. I walked away with just a swollen knee and a sore neck. the other person is fine as well. the Lord protected me & I will praise His name for that 9.15.15

Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.