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RV Revenge

A wife traps her husband and his mistress in an RV.

Published Jan 23, 2000

Legend:   A wife discovers that her husband is using their RV for rendezvous with his neighborhood mistress. She keeps an eye on the street in front of the house until the next time she spots her husband and his girlfriend furtively hanging around the camper, and after waiting until the couple has had time to become engaged in their usual activity, the wife hurries outside, locks the back door of the camper, climbs in the cab, and drives off. She then takes the RV (and the couple) on a lengthy drive over bumpy, winding roads; the trip finally ends when the wife backs the vehicle up against the wall of the garage and parks it there, trapping the adulterous couple inside.


  • The trip sometimes ends at a police station instead of the garage.
  • In some versions the wife has a lawyer on hand when she finally lets the couple out of the RV.

Origins:   A standard warning against adultery in the form of a "revenge tale," this legend may originally have been printed as a news story.

Last updated:   7 July 2007

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