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Roundup Weed Killer Settlement Scam Targets Gmail Inboxes

The body of one scam email about a Roundup settlement claimed it came from "a trusted sender."

Published Sep 16, 2021

 (Mike Mozart (Flickr))
Image Via Mike Mozart (Flickr)
Funds from a legal settlement involving Roundup weed killer are "available for immediate payout" simply by clicking a link in the email pictured below.

It's true that Bayer was involved in a legal settlement for Roundup weed killer. However, watch out for scams in suspicious emails that make bold claims about offering "immediate payout."

An email scam is targeting consumers in regards to the real legal matters involving Roundup weed killer and its lawsuit settlement.

In early 2021, Reuters reported that Bayer announced a deal "to resolve future legal claims that its widely used weed killer Roundup causes cancer." While this news was genuine, the following email scam was not:

An email scam for Roundup weedkiller lawsuit legal matters is going around.
We strongly advise against clicking on links in this email.

The subject line of the email read: "2 Billion Verdict Awarded In Roundup Lawsuit. Are you eligible?"

Several indicators showed that this email about a Roundup settlement was in no way legitimate. For example, the subject line included emojis, which would likely never occur in a serious legal matter such as this. The email also began with the words: "This message was sent from a trusted sender." Such a promise is usually a red flag when it's written within the body of the message by the sender.

Further, the email address where the message came from read: "qbklq2kazcmkpe4orhmv@thegossipseeker.com." Links in the scam email led through a Google domain in what was likely a phishing attempt that specifically targeted Gmail users. For readers unfamiliar with phishing, Merriam-Webster defines it as "a scam by which an Internet user is duped (as by a deceptive email message) into revealing personal or confidential information which the scammer can use illicitly." Basically, the scammers are looking to gain access to private information.

After clicking the link in the email led to a Google domain, it also automatically redirected to what appeared to be some sort of unofficial Roundup weed killer settlement website. On the website, a form asked for personal information and said that consumers could be expected to "receive calls, text messages, or prerecorded messages" from "partners, affiliates, service providers and clients via automated technologies."

If readers with a Gmail account receive an email like this, we recommend reporting it as a scam or phishing. We strongly advise against clicking any of the links in these messages.

Roundup weed killer is a product sold by Bayer. Bayer previously acquired Monsanto in 2018. At press time, we were unable to find an official website where Roundup settlement claims could be reported. However, in September 2021, we did notice that ConsumerNotice.org reported on the latest information regarding the legal matters.


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