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Round Rock Gangs

Are groups of gang members are committing robberies and carjackings in Round Rock, Texas?

Published Jul 26, 2011

Claim:   Groups of gang members are committing robberies and carjackings in Round Rock, Texas.


Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2003]

Yesterday I was in Round Rock talking with Mrs. Sue Livingston, a Round Rock Acupuncturist. Mrs. Livingston told me about a very scary episode that happened to her on Monday night. She had a late 7:00 p.m. appointment with a close friend at her office on North Mayes street which is the main street in Round Rock. After the appointment she and her client went to
dinner and a movie and returned about 11:00 p.m. to her office in order for her client to pick up her car. As she drove to the office she noticed two police cars at a 7 Eleven two doors away. When she pulled into her office parking lot adjacent to North Mayes Street she headed into the space facing the Sonic next to her property. The Sonic is separated from her parking lot by shrubs.

As she pulled into the space, a later model foreign car with five black men pulled in behind her and blocked her Jeep into the parking space. When she looked up a very large black man tried to pull her door open which was fortunately locked. As she looked up again, the four other men when putting hoods over their heads and approaching the car. With quick thinking she put her car into reverse and slammed the car blocking her Jeep into the parking space out of the way and jumped the curb and sidewalk back into Mayes street and immediately went to the 7 Eleven where the police were. The police were unable to apprehend these men.

After talking with a detective at the Round Rock Police force, they told Mrs. Livingston that they believe this is a group of gang members trying to rob people and steal cars. They believe that a woman that was robbed and raped at the Salt Grass Restaurant right on IH 35 in Round Rock last week was attacked by these same men. They also have reports that lead them to believe they robbed and attacked a college age couple in Temple. The young man and his girl friend were on a date and had gone to a movie and when he drove her back to her car in a public parking lot at the mall the
same incident occurred. In this case the man was outside the car and was robbed at gun point. The man refused to force his girl friend out of the car and was severely beaten. Four of the men were known to have guns.

It is believed that these gang members are working areas along IH 35 between Waco and San Antonio. BE SURE that your family members and especially your wives and daughters are aware of these incidents. Be sure to keep your car doors locked and do not get blocked into a parking space. Be EXTREMELY careful in public parking spaces. They believe that these individuals may be on PCP, Angel Dust, or some other narcotic as the attack on Mrs. Livingston was made within 500 feet of two parked Round Rock Police cars next to Sonic on a major street. These men are EXTREMELY dangerous. If you notice anything suspicious report it.



Origins:   Although we haven't looked into the issue of groups of armed gang members committing robberies, carjackings, and rapes in Round Rock, Texas (a town just outside the state capital of Austin), we offer this example to demonstrate the often jarring differences of information reported in dire "crime warning" e-mails and information obtained by talking to the police. What follows is the Round Rock Police Department's response to the e-mail quoted above:

Concerned Citizens,

Good morning. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Shawn Scott. I am a Detective with the Round Rock Police Department. I would like to take this time to address the email that seems to be circulating through Round Rock.

First, the incident involving Sue Livingston has been reported to Round Rock P. D. We are currently investigating the incident and do take this very seriously. Part of our investigation is to prove the intent of the suspect. We encourage citizens with any information regarding this incident to contact the Round Rock Police Department. You may also contact me with any questions or concerns you may have and I will be more than happy to discuss them with you.

Second, I would like to clarify the incident that occurred at the Salt Grass restaurant in Round Rock. This incident occurred last year, almost four months ago (not last week). The victim in this incident was not sexually assaulted (or raped as the email stated) nor was the suspect armed. I would like to reiterate that I am not at all minimizing this type of incident. I just wanted to clarify the email. Currently, we have no reason to believe the incident at Salt Grass and the report involving Sue Livingston are related.

Third, I want to let the citizens of Round Rock know that we do NOT have a rash of carjackings in our city. The incident involving Sue Livingston is the first one of this sort reported. I would further add that I am not aware of any rash of carjackings in our surrounding area. We are checking with Temple P.D. for clarification of information printed in the email regarding the incident there. I have contacted the Temple victim regarding the incident there and have learned that no car jacking occurred.

The information contained in the "this is not a joke email" did not come from Round Rock P.D. as indicated. Furthermore, Round Rock P.D. is not currently aware of any armed gang of black males
committing car jackings in our city.

Last, I want to reassure the citizens of Round Rock that you live in a safe community. I would encourage everyone to be cautious and aware of your surroundings at all times. Sue Livingston should be
commended for her bravery and quick actions to remove herself from harms way.

Please do not hesitate to report suspicious activity to Police.

Thank you for your time and please forward this email to others.

Shawn Scott

Detective Shawn Scott
Detective Bureau/Adam Sector
Round Rock Police Department
615 East Palm Valley Blvd.
(512) 218-6674

Last updated:   21 July 2011


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