Photograph depicts a young woman's revealing (and inappropriate) high school prom dress. See Example( s )

Collected via e-mail and Twitter, April 2016

This picture was purported to be a teenager going to prom. I call click-bait shenanigans, really. It popped up on my Facebook feed on 4/14/16 and was posted by 93.1 WZAK Cleveland. Their caption read: "This high school teenager is on her way to Prom. Yes...PROM! Would you let your daughter wear this if she really wanted to?"




On 12 April 2016, the online publication Mic covered a social media controversy over a purported photograph of young woman’s very revealing high school prom dress. However, that outlet noted that despite the popularity of the image (and the mountain of shame heaped upon it), no one was sure the photograph actually a girl going to a school prom:

Two radio stations — 105.9 Kiss FM in Detroit and Old School Cincy in Cincinnati — posted onto their respected Facebook pages the same photo of what they claimed to be a high school student on her way to prom in a “revealing” black dress … Mic called both stations to verify that the person in the photo is in fact a high school student, but has yet to hear back.

The radio station who shared the image included no information about the woman pictured, the date of the photograph, the location of the purported prom in question, or how it was determined that the picture captured a prom attendee and not a grown woman dressed for a night out:


One potential hole in the story is that a reverse image search performed before the “prom” angle started to catch on returned “fashion model” as a descriptor of the image, not “prom dress”:

prom dress slutty


The photograph also lacked all other stock-standard elements of prom pictures: a date in a tuxedo, fellow attendees, a corsage, a limousine, a pleasantly-planned background (such as a garden or gazebo), or anything other than a formal dress. The image seemed to be more like a paparazzi-style photograph than a prom portrait, and some commenters pointed out that the woman did not appear to be of high school age.

Not all social media shares of the photograph claimed the woman was a prom attendee, either, querying as to whether a guy would “allow” his partner to wear such attire out on the town for a girls’ night out:

The earliest appearance of the photograph we were able to locate was posted to Tumblr and dated 9 April 2016. The user who posted it speculated that the pictured dress was for a prom, but did not offer any information substantiating that statement.

Although people on social media have been quick to condemn the woman pictured here and her parents based solely on captions, there is as yet no solid proof or even circumstantial information suggesting this photograph is a picture of a high school student in a risqué prom dress.


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