The city of Richmond is evicting low-income residents to decrease the municipal poverty rate.





In June 2017, an article posted on the React365 web site posited that officials in Richmond, Virginia, had delivered eviction and relocation notices to low-income residents in order to lower the poverty rate in the city:

In a move heralded by the Trump administration Richmond, Virginia joins 26 other municipalities in delivering thousands of forced eviction and relocation notices to low income residents. Policymakers are rejoicing at the plan which will immediately result in lower poverty in the city. HUD is unable to issue housing vouchers for these residents due to budget cuts, therefore residents will be allowed to stay temporarily in highschool gymnasiums in the surrounding counties.

There was no truth to this story, which originated solely with React365, a “prank” web site that facilitates the process of users’ creating fake news articles with which to fool their friends:

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