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Redneck Mansion

Rumor: Photograph shows a 'redneck mansion' composed of several linked trailers.

Published March 4, 2008


Claim:   Photograph shows a "redneck mansion" composed of several linked trailers.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, March 2008]

This pic is making the rounds on the web as "Redneck Mansion" Is it a real pic or photoshopped? If real, any idea where it's located?

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Origins:   An association with trailers as living spaces may be one of the more common elements of the "redneck" stereotype, but the landscape captured in the photograph displayed above is neither a redneck's idea of a mansion nor some type of low-rent apartment complex. As the additional picture shown below demonstrates, it's actually an outdoor theatre set, one used by the Theater het Amsterdam Bos for a 2005 production of the Anton Chekhov play Ivanov:

Sightings:   On 7 October 2013, Jay Leno used this photograph in his Tonight Show monologue, humorously presenting it as a picture of a town built by MySpace to house its employees (in contrast to Facebook's new $120 million, 394-unit housing community_.

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