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Upstate New York (Oswego) Snow

Photographs show the aftermath of record snowstorms in Oswego, New York.

Published Feb 26, 2008

Claim:   Photographs show the aftermath of record-setting snowstorms that hit the Oswego, New York, area in February 2007.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, February 2007]

Upstate NY Snow

Here are some pictures taken between Oswego and Fair Haven, just off of Rte. 104.

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Origins:   The images displayed above were circulated in mid-February 2007 as photographs showing the aftermath of record-setting snowstorms (141+ inches) which hit the Oswego area of upstate New York that winter. However, the photographs are actually considerably older than that — they were already at least a few years old when they were circulated back in 2004 as pictures of snow being cleared from the Trans-Labrador Highway in northeastern Canada. (These pictures have also circulated as 2004 photographs of snow removal taking place Oswego, New York.)

In March 2009, e-mailed versions of these photos claimed they had been taken near Fargo, North Dakota.

Last updated:   10 March 2009


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