A video shows a giant supercell moving over a rural road.





A video purportedly showing a “live” view of a huge, rare supercell storm moving across a rural road was viewed millions of times after it was posted on 20 July 2017 to the Facebook page “Newsfeed”:

This footage did not show a “live” video of a storm; the biggest giveaway is that the storm did not move from its original location at any time during the four-hour-long stream.

The main reason for the storm’s static appearance, of course, is that this footage is actually based on a photograph — taken by storm chaser and photographer Marko Korosec — of a supercell near Murdo, South Dakota on 19 June 2015.

Korosec explained in a Facebook post that this “tornadic supercell” was one of the best he’d ever seen:

The photogenic part of severe storms. This amazing tornadic supercell was the best I’ve seen so far at nighttime, nicely illuminated with intracloud lightning, layered and striated with rough wind power! June 19th, 2015 near Murdo, South Dakota.

Korosec has several other pictures of this storm on his web site and social media pages:

Living my dream to chase the most spectacular storms on the planet. South Dakota, United States on June 19th, 2015.

This static photograph was later animated by Jonathan Wennstrom, who posted a cinemagraph of this storm to his Instagram page on 2 July 2017.  


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