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Is This Queen Elizabeth Wearing a Yellow Face Mask?

Numerous celebrities reminded their followers to mask up amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Published Jul 6, 2020

 (Shaun Jeffers / Shutterstock.com)
Image Via Shaun Jeffers / Shutterstock.com
A photograph shows Queen Elizabeth wearing a yellow face mask during the COVID-19 coronavirus disease pandemic.

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During the COVID-19 coronavirus disease pandemic of 2020, the subject of mask-wearing became a controversial one, with outspoken dissenters on one side being balanced by celebrities who set examples by publicly wearing (and advocating the wearing of) face masks.

One famous personage who fell into the latter category, according to social media posts, was Queen Elizabeth herself. One frequently shared image purportedly captured Her Majesty sporting a yellow face mask that matched the rest of her colorful garb:

Alas, this photograph was a digital manipulation -- an altered version of a picture snapped well before the pandemic began, during the Queen's (maskless) June 2019 visit to a school in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, to present awards to pupils there:


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