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Was the Star of a 'Let's Go Brandon' Gay Porn Series Arrested for Beating Up Nazis?

The less said about this rumor the better.

Published Oct. 25, 2022

 (Ivan Radic/Wikimedia Commons)
Image Via Ivan Radic/Wikimedia Commons
Brandon Cummings, the lead in a “Let’s Go Brandon” series of gay porn videos, was arrested for beating up 35 neo-Nazis.

Fact Check

On April 22, 2022, the website Daily News Reported posted a story claiming that a porn star named Brandon Cummings — allegedly known for starring in 'Let's Go Brandon' gay porn series — was arrested for beating up 35 Neo-Nazis. The story spread across the internet on various forums:

The article claims:

Brandon Parker (28) was walking his dog late last night when he was approached and harassed by a group of Neo Nazi's. Brandon plays the lead role in scores of hardcore pornography films in the "Let's Go Brandon" series of gay porn. He is so successful as an adult actor that flags and bumper stickers can be seen throughout our great country in support of his celebrity and contributions to society as a whole.

Several of the men recognized Brandon from his movies and began to taunt the well endowed actor. Brandon's dog, Tiger, a teacup poodle, also became a point of contention for the Nazi's. Sophomoric jokes about Tiger being such a little and weak bitch just like his "daddy", began to draw the ire of Brandon. Having been trained in mixed martial arts for the past 6 years, Brandon was never nervous nor afraid of the gang of men. The entire time he was surveying the situation and formulating a plan of attack. 

One of the Nazis moved in closer and went to kick Tiger, but Brandon was ready and hit him with a leg sweep knocking him to the ground. After that came a flurry of kicks and punches that eliminated each Nazi one by one. Authorities were called in by concerned citizens not knowing what had just taken place. Brandon was arrested and taken in for questioning and , but later released once video evidence showed that he was protecting himself against the 35 men.

By the end of the story, supposedly, "The Nazi's [were] kicked out of their hate club for getting their asses kicked by a gay dude." 

This is a work of satire, as Daily News Reported.com describes itself as: "a fabricated satirical newspaper and comedy website." The site also states that it "uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental."

"Let's Go Brandon" is a reference to the meme that is used by U.S. conservatives as a euphemism for "F*** Joe Biden" (learn more about the origin of the meme from NPR). As far as we know, there is no real porn star named "Brandon Cummings," though there is a Brandon Parker (who does not match the photograph in the above article) working in pornography. We have also been unable to find any actual examples of a "Let's Go Brandon" porn video series.

This story is satirical in nature, and thus should not be treated as accurate. 


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