Peter Griffin

Does a photograph show a man who resembled 'Family Guy' character Peter Griffin?

Claim:   Photograph of man named Peter Griffin bears strong resemblance to animated character of the same name.

Status:   False.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2005]

Allegedly a genuine yearbook photo of a student named Peter Griffin who bears an uncanny resemblance to Peter Griffin, the father on the Fox cartoon Family Guy.

Peter Griffin

Origins:   The humor here supposedly derives from a directory photo (perhaps a school yearbook) of a man named Peter Griffin who bears a strong resemblance to another Peter Griffin, the “big, boisterous lovable oaf” featured in the Fox animated TV series, Family Guy:

Peter Griffin

However, the same photograph previously appeared on the Internet with a legend identifying its subject as Justin Blair Spaeth:

Justin Blair Spaeth

Justin Blair Spaeth is a real person (who bears a physical similarity to the Peter Griffin character but does not share his name), as evidenced by this snapshot of a Back Stage Blue (the thespian troupe of Notre Dame High School) production of West Side Story.

Last updated:   21 July 2005


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