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Did Pat Robertson Say 'Nobody Is Shooting Up Churches'?

A meme claims the televangelist once remarked that Jews could avoid slaughter if they became Christians.

Published Jan 3, 2020

Pat Robertson said Jews should become Christians because "nobody is shooting up churches."

Televangelist and "700 Club" talk show host Pat Robertson has made plenty of controversial statements in his time. A meme circulated in December 2019, just after fatal shootings at a church in Texas, that posited Robertson had once declared, "If Jews don't want to be slaughtered, become Christian. Nobody is shooting up churches. Christian are protected by God":

Although these words might sound like a declaration some critics believe Robertson would make, we found no evidence that he actually uttered them, either during a "700 Club" airing or in any other setting. This quote doesn't turn up in any transcripts or news articles, nor does it appear online outside of repostings of this meme — the earliest occurrence of which appears to date from November 2018:

This meme seems to be nothing more than a fabrication intended to spoof Robertson and some of the genuine controversies prompted by his outspoken opinions on politics and religion.


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