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Pat Robertson on Texas Flooding Blame

Published May 27, 2015


Claim: Televangelist Pat Robertson said he did not know whom to blame for recent flooding in Texas.



Found this article posted on Facebook and after reading I suspect that the quoted material (supposedly spoken by Pat Robertson)is drastically paraphrased to elicit emotional response from opposing readers and NOT actual quotes from the man. - Pat Robertson: ‘I’m Not Sure Who or What to Blame Texas Flooding On’

Origins: In late May 2015, severe weather including heavy rains and flooding in Texas killed at least four residents and caused widespread destruction. On 26 May 2015, the web site The Political Garbage Chute published an article titled "Pat Robertson: 'I'm Not Sure Who or What to Blame Texas Flooding On'".

That article made reference to past statements issued by popular televangelist Robertson that linked natural disasters to behaviors the preacher deems morally objectionable:

Robertson told the press that unlike the 1995 Northridge earthquake and Hurricane Bonnie that hit Florida in 1998 — both natural disasters that the elder evangelical blamed on the regions impacted having embraced homosexuality in some way —  that he “can’t blame the Texas floods on the gays” since the Lone Star State is, according to Robertson, “the most stridently pro-Jesus and anti-gay state out there, by golly by gosh.” Despite his always knowing “just who to blame for all that ails the world,” Robertson says it could take him “a few days to figure out just how to pin the floods on the gays.”

Included in the article was a purported quote from Robertson that explained the connection between natural disasters and human behaviors he disapproves of:

You know, in my day we didn’t have snot-nosed jerks going around using the words of the Bible against us. We were the outright authority on the Bible because we were the ones who traditionally got to control the Bible’s message. We were rich, elite men. That’s who has always controlled the Bible’s messages and themes ... But that’s all besides the point. The point is that the gays are ruining everything, always bring about natural disasters, and the flooding in Texas is no exception. I just have to figure out exactly how to blame the gays in this case, and I will not be stopped in my quest!

While the website The Political Garbage Chute bears no clear disclaimer, the Facebook page to which it is linked bears this concise description:

Devoted to political satire, humor and commentary. Blocked by: Palin, Cruz, Issa

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Kim LaCapria is a former writer for Snopes.