Our First Fight

The dark side of the 'feeding each other cake' custom.

Claim:   Cute cake custom causes contretemps.

Status:   True.

Origins:   Here’s a true-life wedding horror story straight from the pages of a 1993 newspaper. Heh, and you thought weddings were civilized!

A bride and groom in Westport, Conn., got into a fight over the tradition of cramming wedding cake into the face of one’s beloved.

Tracey and John O’Donnell were arrested at their wedding reception Saturday for disturbing the peace. Tracey O’Donnell said her husband fed her the cake too roughly, after she had told him to take it easy, police reported. Fighting ensued when she responded in kind, police said. The couple were later released. They are due in court Sept. 14.

Barbara “doesn’t take much to turn ‘marital’ into ‘martial'” Mikkelson

Last updated:   9 July 2005


  Sources Sources:

    “Wedding Cake Rite Leads to Arrests . . . of the New Bride and Groom.”

    Chicago Tribune.   3 August 1993   (p. C1).

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