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Yes, Oreo Is Launching These New Flavors

Is that a topping ... on an Oreo?

Published Jul 9, 2021

 (Twitter user @cookiedoughguy)
Image Via Twitter user @cookiedoughguy
On July 8, 2021, Oreo announced two new limited-edition flavors: "Salted Carmel Brownie" and "Apple Cider Donut."

On the morning of July 8, 2021, the official Twitter account representing Oreo — the Nabisco-owned company that makes the popular sandwich cookie — said it would soon reveal a new flavor that it described as "savory, sweet, rich and irresistible."

Shortly later, the internet lit up with images and descriptions of not one, but two new alleged products: "Salted Carmel Brownie" and "Apple Cider Donut" each with ingredients that would make the classic wafer, creme-filled cookie taste like those sweets.

And, according to Food & Wine — a reputable source of culinary trends and new products — those reports were correct. The publication said:

Oreo has two new limited-edition flavors lined up for this summer, and both are expected to hit stores soon. [...] The first, Salted Caramel Brownie, features two layers of creme — caramel and brownie, of course — and sprinkled salt on top of the cookie. This marks the first time Oreo has ever sported a topping, and hopefully that means more topped Oreos are on the horizon.

The second, Apple Cider Donut, sandwiches apple cider-flavored creme between two golden (so vanilla) Oreos, and looks specifically manufactured for the people who can't wait for fall.

Packages of "Salted Carmel Brownie" Oreos would be available in the coming weeks, in July, while the "Apple Cider Donut" flavor would not reach shelves until August, an Oreo spokesperson told Best Products, a media site designed to help consumers.

Both types of limited-edition Oreos will only be available while supplies last, Food & Wine reported.

As we've stated previously, Oreo flavors are a periodic internet fixation and sometimes they are also the subject of hoaxes.

No, crab cake-flavored Oreos aren’t real. Neither are spam Oreos, chicken Oreos, or Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip flavor. But Swedish fish-flavored Oreos existed at one point. So did Waffles & Syrup flavored cookies.

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