An animated image captures a real-life road rage incident. See Example( s )

Collected via Reddit, May 2016



An animated GIF image purportedly showing a real-life road rage incident (in which occupants of one vehicle cowed the others by waving an automatic rifle at them) has been circulating on social media for several years, frequently attached to titles such as “that’s one way to stop road rage.” Although the image is often mistakenly claimed to depict an actual occurrence of road rage, it was actually taken from a 2009 Russian television series titled Desantura (Десантура):

“Nobody except us!” It sounds like that is their motto. These bold and desperate guys are able to survive in the most difficult and dangerous situations owing to their advanced combat skills of combat, able to fight not only on the battlefield but also behind enemy lines. They have all the necessary knowledge and skills to stand up against any opponent.

The scene portrayed in the above-displayed image can be viewed in fuller context here:

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